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A guide for Tooting residents for buying medicine online

A guide for Tooting residents for buying medicine online

The internet has changed the supply and order of pharmaceutical medicines beyond recognition, streamlining the process to the benefit of both customers and the National Health Service.

Pharmacy services are set to play an increasing role in healthcare provision offering accessibility, advice and fast, seamless prescription services between doctor and patient. But online medicine can be so much more than this. If you are looking for online medicine in Tooting, from eye drops to travel advice and everything else in between, Pearl Chemists’ online doctor’s service can provide a fast and efficient professional response to satisfy all the health requirements of you and your family.

How can online medicine revolutionise the healthcare service in Tooting?

It’s so simple. You set up an online account with the pharmacist which allows you to order all types of medicines and medications via the online doctor. Using comprehensive questionnaires, your medication request is assessed by a qualified doctor before being signed off and the medicines released to you. Collect in person or choose to have them delivered.

The clear benefits of online medicines

Buying medicines online can avoid time and trouble and if we’re honest, the delay of trying to see a doctor in person. For many routine complaints and problems, most people can have their needs assessed remotely providing there are no unusual circumstances or other issues. The system is designed to prevent inappropriate or unusual conditions from falling through the net so you can rest assured, that online medicine is as thorough and rigorous as seeing your own doctor in person.

Take as an example, the condition known as ‘dry eye’ where the eye doesn’t naturally produce enough tears. Moisture in the eye is a form of lubrication and essential for optimal eye health. Often a chronic problem, an online doctor can help manage this condition with eye drops for dry eyes and medication for other associated problems such as low-grade eye infections and seasonal allergy eye drops. It really isn’t necessary to have a GP’s appointment every time you need dry eye drops.

What other benefits can online medicine provide?

If you still prefer to see your GP then you can take advantage of the speedy prescription service which operates seamlessly from your GP surgery through to a designated pharmacist.

Remember, online medicine can also provide advice and guidance about a whole range of medical conditions plus you have the support of the pharmacist. For the best online medicine provision in Tooting with the reassurance of a traditional family business, visit Pearl Chemist’s new service at