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How to maintain soft supple lips

How to maintain soft supple lips

The biting winds of winter can seriously dry the skin on your face making your lips, in particular, sore and uncomfortable. Implementing a good skin care regime will keep your skin supple and moisturised and prevent chapping, cracking and soreness which can all be aggravated by colder temperatures.

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Keeping your lips soft and supple in the wintertime

Our lips seem to suffer more than anything else in extremes of temperature, hot dry conditions but especially in winter when icy winds can strip them of their essential moisture. Dry lips become chapped and sore, developing cracking - they are unsightly as well as painful.

Pearl Chemists have a range of lip balms, balsams and salves to suit all tastes – literally! There are barrier products in a variety of shades so you can combine the look of lipstick whilst protecting your lips at the same time with a layer of moisture. Choose from cocoa butter enriched balms or aloe vera to nourish your lips and keep the moisture at optimum levels to prevent soreness and drying. Apply restorative intensive balms to repair painful, dry lips and soothe cracking.

What is the best daily lip care regime?

Some people seem more prone to dry lips than others. Remember, always drink enough water as hydration is very important for your skin's suppleness and elasticity particularly if you are prone to dry skin. Avoid licking your lips as saliva contains chemicals which will damage the delicate skin.

Always remove any traces of lipstick and foundation last thing at night. Gently exfoliate your lips with a fine sugar scrub and rinse away. You don’t need to do this daily, twice a week is fine. Apply lip balm before you sleep and repeat the process in the morning after you cleanse. Once your lips are moisturised, you can add lipstick or lip gloss over the top. Some lip salves are gently coloured performing both roles.

As with many things, prevention is always better than cure. Ensure you use the best face wash as some contain chemicals which can actually strip the natural oils fr006Fm your skin and lips. Browse our comprehensive range of premium skin care and lip care products online at