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Medication and Remedies for Allergy and Hay Fever

Medication and Remedies for Allergy and Hay Fever

Nature is beautiful, except for when it’s making you sneeze, itch and blow your nose throughout the spring and summer months every year. During hay fever season, typically March through September, the release of pollen from grass, plants and trees causes a host of uncomfortable allergic symptoms. Although you can’t prevent hay fever, you don’t have to suffer the symptoms without help. Hay fever treatment is available to help you feel better and get the most enjoyment out of your spring and summer.

How do I know I have Hay Fever?

Hay fever is a very common allergic reaction that causes a wide variety of symptoms. If you begin experiencing itchy eyes and throat, red watery eyes, sneezing, fatigue and sinus congestion, headaches and other unusual symptoms during spring or summer, you may be having an allergic reaction to pollen. Speak to your doctor or pharmacist to confirm if you have allergies or hay fever, and about the best hay fever medicine to help ease your symptoms.

Common Treatments for Hay Fever

Hay fever tablets are available over-the-counter and can provide lasting multi-symptom relief for many. Your local pharmacist can help you review options and determine the best hay fever tablets based on your individual issues. Hay fever eye drops are a good option for those needing relief of redness or itching of the eye, and hay fever nasal spray can reduce nasal inflammation and sneezing. For your convenience, you can easily buy allergy and hay fever tablets, eye drops and nasal spray online for home delivery.

There are also several hay fever home remedies and lifestyle changes you can try, such as staying hydrated, taking herbal supplements and keeping doors and windows closed during spring and summer months. If you still need stronger symptom relief, speak to your pharmacist or doctor for advice on the many hay fever treatments available to you.