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Tips to Take Care of Your Foot Skin

Tips to Take Care of Your Foot Skin

Most people often overlook the need to maintain healthy feet. Taking care of foot skin is vital to maintaining neat and hygienic feet. With little or no care for foot skin, one may encounter various problems. Foot odour, fungal infection and cracked skin all result improper care of the foot skin. However, one may avoid these problems by taking the necessary hygiene measures. Here are tips of caring for your foot skin and keeping it in good condition.

Wash your feet daily

One of the reasons your foot skin may suffer infections or cracks is irregular and shoddy washing of the feet. It is important to note that the foot skin sheds over time due to friction it experiences. As such, the dead skin on feet needs to be removed regularly through proper washing.

Keeping your foot skin clean doesn’t take much. Cleaning with warm soapy water will do the job. It is not advisable to soak your feet as this might destroy the skin’s natural oils. Such a cleaning routine ensures that residue skin is removed to give room for a new layer to grow.

Dry the skin properly

After washing, it is advisable to use a clean towel to clean the skin. It helps to eliminate all moisture on the skin, which inhibits the growth of fungi. Afterwards, you can apply foot cream to keep the foot skin well moisturized. Prevention of microorganism growth helps you maintain healthy foot skin.

Use the right skin products

Just as facial skin, dermatologists recommend skin care products to people with foot skin issues. Products such as absorbent powder and antifungal products also help maintain healthy foot skin.

Change socks daily

In maintaining healthy foot skin, it is also important to wear a clean pair of socks every day. Socks made of cotton, bamboo or wool are the best as they help the foot skin breath. Nylon socks may inhibit air circulation and may therefore hard skin on feet.

Choose the right footwear

The wrong choice of shoes may contribute to the degradation of the foot skin. Excessively tight shoes may lead to dry skin on feet due to reduced air circulation. Conversely, loose shoes may bring about friction which leads to wearing out of the foot skin.